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Territory Management

How do you approach
channel sales development?

Territory Management

How much time are you planning to spend with clients in the next month?

How could you be even more proactive with clients, and what would that mean to your bottom-line?

Target Group

This training is designed for all those who have sales responsibilities across a given territory, regardless of how wide or diverse.


Like all DOOR Trainings, this training is highly participative, with a blend of theory, practicality and best practice. We take this opportunity to share some of the best practice from organisations around the world.

  • Time Management
  • Planning Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Use of Tools to Improve Effectiveness
  • Evaluation
Training Objectives

At the end of this training you will be able to:
  1. Learn to spend more time face to face with customers
  2. Plan effectively and organise client documentation
  3. Gain a balance between professional goals and personal time
  4. Use time management tools more effectively
  5. Set goals, prioritise them to determine if activities are goal-directed.
  6. Use less time putting out fires each day.
  7. Implement effective resource management

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