Coaching As A Great Career Opportunity – Why What How?

Professional coaching is a thriving field as businesses begin to realise the need for executive and leadership training programmes within their organisations. The world today is home to millions of businesses trying to make it big by helping their employees upskill themselves. And to take their employees ahead, these businesses need help from an expert or certified coach. With the ever-swelling sizes of businesses and the growing demand for these businesses, coaching has now become a lucrative career option.

A great testimony to this fact is the numbers released by ICF in 2019, which showed that the total number of individuals identifying themselves as coach practitioners around the world was 71,000. A significant 33% increase from 2015, these numbers speak volumes about how professional coaching is becoming a popular career option.

Professionals with a knack for helping others achieve their career goals are the ones who experience a real win-win situation. They experience the satisfaction of seeing people grow while working in a purposeful and lucrative profession that helps them make a great living. If you are someone who finds passion in helping others, here is a quick guide to why, when, and how you can become a certified coach. 

Why Become a Professional Coach?

Executives all around the world are in need to upgrade their skills and learn more in their career to climb the corporate ladder, which is why you, as a professional coach, is someone they look up to. You can help them work through their issues because as a professional, you have experienced them yourself. You are actively contributing to the development of the human resource by increasing their personal and collective competence. 

Moreover, there are millions of businesses around the world looking for this advantage in their business, which gives rise to the need for experts like you. ICF, the gold standard of coaching in the world,  reveals in a survey that 86% of companies that invested in coaching witnessed a significant ROI growth, while 96% stated that they would happily take the services of executive coaching again. So there is plenty of demand for professional coaches. 

What Will You Do When You Become A Professional Coach?

There is so much that you can and will be expected to do once you begin working with a business in helping them develop their executives and leadership teams. As part of your responsibilities, here is what you will be doing as a coach.

  • Helping in the training and development of executives with your industry-specific knowledge. 
  • Transform executives into better leaders instead of just training them to become managers.
  • Use your own experience to help an executive learn how to find their own direction
  • Consult the business on the rules of successful engagement.

How Can You Become a Professional Coach?

Choosing coaching as a career option is great considering the increasing demand and high paying opportunities in the field. A study conducted by ‘The Hay Group’ concluded that 40% of Fortune 500 companies have accepted executive coaching as an integral part of their leadership development programme for elite executives and upcoming talents. In such a scenario, here is how you can become a professional coach.

  • Enrol in an ICF Certified Coach Training Programme. The course follows a rigorous review process while being aligned with the curriculum, core competencies, and code of ethics as set down by ICF.
  • Join ICF as a professional coach. Once you have the knowledge, you will need the certification that is recognised everywhere in the world. It adds credibility to your title while also providing you access to a global network of professionally trained coaches, local & global networking opportunities, trending business development and marketing education, and a plethora of resources.
  • Get credentials by undergoing specific training for a certain number of hours, partnering with a mentor coach, and demonstrating an acceptable level of skill in utilising core coaching competencies.

Coaching is an evolving field in the current world. It is creating a difference in the professional world as well as helping in the personal development of many, which is why it has gained immense popularity as a career. At DTCI, we provide ICF certified coach training and executive coaching programmes in association with Aster Coaching, US. Consult with our experts today and find your perfect fit for a coach training programme from our wide range of courses.