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Developing Managers As Coaches

How Coaching can help?

1. As per HBR study, millennials mentioned that their number one source of development is their manager, but only 46% agreed that their managers delivered on their expectations for feedback..
2. In an analysis of psychological tests of 1.4 million college students from 1938 to the present, Millennials were found to have more self-esteem while also having more anxiety and a higher need for praise. Source: HBR study
3. Leaders’ job as manager is to coach the team member while they are most fragile, rather than fostering a sink-or-swim environment. Coaching skills helps leaders build relationship, keep team engaged & motivated for higher performance.


What Do Managers Struggle with Most?


What Makes Us Leader in Performance Coaching?


  • Researched & Validated across the cultures & organizations
  • Leading Module on Performance Coaching @ Workplace
  • Not only focuses on Coaching as Skill but also on Coaching as Mindset & Coaching as Process. A complete package
  • Experiential in nature. Uses Reflection, Videos, Case-lets, Group discussion, Role Plays etc.


  • Direct Business Impact
  • Measurable current & future impact
  • Wide Application across domains & industries
  • Can be customized for Senior Leadership and for frontline supervisors. Helps in developing Common Leadership Language & Framework for Coaching
  • Duration Flexible


  • Conversational Approach to Coaching
  • Focuses on bringing out from people instead of putting in. (Ask vs Tell Approach)
  • Easy to understand concepts & examples
  • Values existing cultures and can be adaptive to current learning practices.


  • Structured tools & formats to apply the learning @ workplace
  • Support from BYLD team to handhold


Business Issues Addressed:

Impact Area


Leadership Bench Strength

(Coaching & Developing Team)

IOC skills leaders to become effective Leader Coaches and develop next line of leaders which helps in bench strength & succession planning

Improved Communication

Leaders manages team through Conversation. IOC skills leaders to turn these conversations into Coaching Conversations thus impacting Engagement, Team Bonding, Conflict Resolutions, Timely & effective feedback etc.

Individual Development and Productivity

Over time, leaders provide less direction and support as individuals learn to provide their own direction and support thus becoming proactive contributors.

Passion and Accountability

DTCI focuses on Team Members’ capability and driving ideas/actions and agreements from the team member which makes them more Accountable & Self Driven (sense of ownership).

Leadership Effectiveness

IOC focuses on the fact that leaders need to focus on both success and effectiveness thus focusing on Results & People Development.


IOC equips leaders to have Alignment Conversations which helps them aligning team members’ goals with organizational goals which drives Focus and thus overall productivity

Developing Internal Capability  (TTT)- WHY?

  • Cost Effective
  • Having Internal Trainers will enable organization to take it to mass level without incurring extra facilitation fee.
  • Organization will get volume discount in purchasing participants’ material
  • Flexibility in customizing the program delivery as per internal business context and situations.
  • Implementation & Sustainability-
  • With internal capability, driving a leadership framework and coaching culture becomes easier
  • The certified trainer will act as internal coaches to implement the learning and creating ownership
  • Program has in-built sustainability tools. These can be effectively internalized
  • Flexibility in duration- With internal capability, trainers can be flexible with duration depending on target audience and profile of participants.


Key Points:

  • As a part of the T4T process, the nominating organization and the participant trainer candidate who qualifies to be a facilitator will be required to sign a Trainer Agreement which focuses on protecting IP material and process.
  • The trainers will be certified to conduct the session with sponsoring organization.
  • Post the certification, the organization will procure the participants’ workbook and material to deliver the session internally.
  • Each trainer will conduct minimum of two batches and share the feedback from the conducted batches to be evaluated by Master Facilitators.


Course Duration:

1 Day Participation

3 Days TTT Program


Oct 7, 2021 | Oct 8, 2021 | Oct 9, 2021


1 Day Participation Fee – ₹8,850 per participant plus 18% GST

3 Days TTT Program Fee – ₹1,30,000 per participant plus 18% GST


Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Day Program & 3 Days Program

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

Door Training & Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Door Training & Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Author
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