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Disruption Proof

Dealing with increased complexity and endless disruption

We live in a complex world. Complexity breeds uncertainty. We don’t need to look beyond the present pandemic for greater evidence. We are in the midst of global disruption. Brought about by the digital revolution, we face massive structural changes to our institutions: business, government, education and so on. Relatedly, we live in an interconnected world, a meshed network, disordered, complex, constantly inundated with Information, moving at the speed of light. Yet for the most part, we still manage our businesses as if extended assembly lines. There is a way to Disruption Proof your business, but it requires a shift in mindset. Incredibly, we already have what it takes. In this inspirational and actionable talk Brant will discuss the specific steps required to move our organizations forward leveraging the 5E’s of Disruption: Empathy, Exploration, Evidence, Equilibrium, and Ethics.The result is an organization that is resilient, able to weather the storms, aware of the environment and human needs and dynamically able to change course when required. Are you ready to be the Disrupter?

Take Aways

  • understand the 5e’s of Disruption Poetry and how to use them
  • specific steps you can apply right away
  • learn how to balance execution and learning
  • be inspired to make the change you want to see

Event Details

  • Date: 17th June, 2022
  • Time: 5:00 PM IST
  • Venue: Zoom

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