Business Acumen Today

The rising uncertainties of the complex business environment are affecting businesses across the world. This arises the need for strategies and ways to stimulate growth to ensure a sustainable business model.

Executives, management teams and employees are forced to make decisions, influenced by numerous variables, that will ultimately affect the profitability of the company. And, the end results include

This is Where Business Simulation Games Provides a Solution

Finance of Sales Today is an experiential, board-based simulation game that increases business, finance and strategic acumen of your executives, managers and drivers within the value chain of business.

Indulging in a board-based, computer assisted simulation, designed to provide business insights to your staff gives your people an understanding to discover how they personally can influence the performance of the business through their everyday activities and decisions they make. This understanding is critical to any business’s success. It helps managers transcend traditional notions about functional barriers and improve on decision making and problem-solving capabilities.

Business Simulation games result in effective business and finance management, increased employee commitment and better understanding of key drivers that creates a key differentiator between industry survivors and “good-to-great” market leaders.