Core Competency Framework Discovery

CCF is a system or set of minimum standards needed to perform effectively at work. A ‘competency framework‘ is a structure that sets out and defines each individual competency (such as problem-solving or people management) required by individuals working in an organisation or part of that organisation. We work with your key stakeholders to establish which skills, values & behaviours are required for organisational to produce superior results.

Training Objectives

They are used for:
Understand Your Team
identifying underperformance or high potential in a team can be difficult. Gain the clarity you need to grow your business
Identify Training Needs
before you start training and developing team members, you need to know what your aiming for. Provide your team with what they need, than what they think they need
Engage Your Team
Bringing age meant from key stakeholders and your employees ;if your all clear on ‘what good looks like’ you are one step closer to attaining it
Recruit the Best
a benchmark is specific to your organization; A top performer in another company may be an under performer for you - find your next high-pot.
Find the Right Role for employees sometimes, employees end up in the role that are the best suited to their skill set. Nobody wants to lose employees with the right values and behaviours -instead, identify them and a role suited for them
Increase productivity
having the right people, in the right role forma with right skill set and behaviour is critical to business success and you will see a huge returns For benchmarking to ensure you get it right.