Everything Disc® Sales

The Everything DiSC® Sales: What is it?

Everything DiSC® Sales Profile is a powerful and globally used assessment tool that gives participants a better understating about themselves, their customers, and the relationship between them. It is a detailed 23page profile, which gives participants the freedom to explore their sales style and how their strengths and weaknesses have an influence on their selling behavior. It’s an interesting journey where people learn the unique behaviors corresponding to buying style and strategies to mould their sales style to match the customer’s needs, and helps improve their overall success and value.

The Everything DiSC® Sales Learning Experience

Everything DisSC® Sales is a highly advanced classroom training experience. It is tailor made for salespersons and helps them successfully create customer centric relations that’ll ultimately give better results. With this experience, participants learn how to go beyond boundaries of their natural sales style. Every customer has a unique buying style, and this is where our assessments help them efficiently understand and adapt to customer’s preferences and expectations. Like other DiSC profiles, this profile is sales-specific and provides detailed knowledge, around effective tips, hacks, important information/facts, and action plans to increase the productivity and efficiency of salespersons. This is an ultimate tool to increase sales performance in any organization.


It is a research authenticated online assessment that asks participants to respond to different behavioral statements on a five-point scale. These include application-based questions that help determine the participant’s sales priorities. It is built using most modern adaptive testing methodology and each participant gets insights to customize their experience.


The experience has a Facilitation Kit offering a classroom environment that encourages learning in an engaging way. The dynamic and comprehensive design, customized presentations, and lively videos help participants get a better understating. They get deeper knowledge of their personalized profiles and a great memorable experience that becomes the driving force for lasting behavior and change.

Follow-up Tools

My Everything DiSC®

The learning experience is extended with a mobile friendly interactive portal. Participants get unlimited access to DiSC® and various strategies that can be applied in real-world situations.

Comparison Report

Comparison Report inspires effective collaboration. Any two participants can compare their similarities and differences, potential challenges, and get east practical tips to help them improve their working relations.

Team View

The report doesn’t have any limit to the number of participants being included. This helps in giving an overview of a group’s individual Everything DiSC® maps.

Group Culture Report

The report helps to ascertain the group’s DiSC culture by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages, impact it has on various group members, and influence on decision making and risk taking. Targeted results with customer-centric relationships Learn how Everything DiSC® Sales enables your salespersons with the right tools and technology to improve their effectiveness and deliver unequivocal results. It is available through our authorized partner network of consultants, coaches, and trainers.