Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Customized for You as Per Your Needs!
What works in the West will not necessarily work in India in its “as-is” form.

In the West, coaching is exploratory in nature with the coach helping coachees to explore their mind space by asking questions and letting them find the answers. However, this way of coaching is different from traditional modes of coaching in India. We are used to learning from our bosses and supervisors. Coachees in India expect coaches to share their personal experiences and suggest clear paths on which they can move towards identified goals. Therefore, in order to ensure that coaching delivers positive results, coaches in India need to customize their coaching methodologies to accommodate cultural differences that affect the way we learn.

Coachability is a top predictor of employee success*.Coaching results in a return on investment (ROI) of: 

according to a Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

Improve business performance.

Enhanced individual development.

Increased retention of key people.

Greater productivity and customer service.