Innovation in disruptive times

Leading Innovation program Companies today are constantly having to adapt and redefine their strategies due to the impact of technology and severe business disruption. To be a leader in the future means you need to be able to change, adapt, and innovate.

In this course, part of the Leading Innovation program, based and inspired by the Vijay Govindarajan (VG), about the Three Box framework, defined below:

The Three Box framework is a method and toolkit designed to help organizations appropriately allocate their time and resources to implement transformational business models. This course will teach you how to accelerate the success of innovations in your own company.

The course is organized into three modules, where each concept is taught using a series of videos and illustrative examples to help deepen your understanding.

Learning Goals for the Participants

How to manage the performance Gap in the business

How to selectively forget the past that can destroy the future 3. Create a new and innovative future

Training Purpose

To help participants it senior manager level to manage performance gaps in current situations, and innovate for future using a structured thinking framework