Managing Business Today

Managing Business Today is a discovery learning experience that is centered on a

Manufacturing Business Simulation. Teams run several business cycles after which various analyses are drafted and financial records compiled.

Teams runs a realistic business and take all the decisions which they would typically confront during business operations, such as; investing in market research, developing new markets, recruiting and training staff, investing in capex, purchasing raw materials, product development, tendering for sales and various funding decisions.

Teams run a number of business cycles after which various analyses are drafted and financial records compiled. Throughout the programme the learning’s in the simulation are related to the participants’ actual working situation. The accounting documents used in the simulation are customised to use your own company’s financial terminology and formats.

Key learnings

Understanding the trade-offs whilst making decisions around production, marketing, hiring, investment, pricing, sales mix and calculating the effects on profit margins and revenue.

Making and implementing decisions and assessing results within the broader business context in terms of cross-functional dependencies, allocation of limited resources, competitor activity and business performance

Identify and measure the drivers of business performance, market opportunities and implement market strategies

Prepare results on revenue and cost budgets, conduct variance analyses and develop strategies for managing budgets

Differentiate between types of costs according to behaviour (fixed and variable), allocate costs and conduct breakeven analysis

Analysing your company financial statements, and how decisions made by manager/leader impact these