Motor Sales Today

Is it time for your people to understand the key actions necessary to create superior and sustainable business performance in your company?

If the answer is yes, this one’s for you..

Motor Sales Today is a business simulation specifically designed for motor dealership sales people and sales managers. The simulation gives participants a broad view of the critical determinants in car sales, seen in the context of the financial success of the dealership and the individual. The simulation involves teams of participants running their own dealership, in competition with each other for customers.

Each team follows a business process which involves a range of realistic decisions including:

All their decisions have consequences and these decisions are played out on a dealership board. Service levels, combined with stock availability, and the above decisions result in different sales volumes. The consequences are felt both at a business and personal level as the delegates draw up dealership income statements and take out appropriate ratios. The cause, meaning and effect of debtor’s days, first gross %, F&I sales and second gross, expense to sales ratios etc. are discovered through deep experience, not lectures.

In making such decisions and experiencing the consequent effects of those decisions, delegates gain an appreciation for many of the critical issues on which business profitability depends. The simulation enables participants to understand the bigger picture of a motor dealership, and how their daily activities affect the bottom line.

Key learnings that delegates discover during the simulation training

In drawing up their financial statements/ratios, delegates discover how important professionalism in selling is – prospecting, product knowledge, qualifying and handover.

Experiencing the absolute necessity of F&I/second gross for the survival of the dealership. No more “unsigned” deals.