Consultative Sales Process

Consultative Selling

Selling is the process which involves providing the best solution to someone at an agreed price. At Door Training and Consulting (DTCI), we teach you how to manage your sales process in an effective manner. Right from the initial stages like preparations to after sales services, everything is covered in this module. Using Consultative Selling module, you would be able to provide best in class solutions to customers. It teaches to think, act, react, and anticipate in various sales situations. With these skills, you’d be able to efficiently create a win-win situation for everyone – the customer, your organization, and you.


When you showcase your products or services at an exhibition and the sales are great, it is indeed a proud moment. Selling at exhibitions is considered to be selling at times when the market marks itself in its purest form. Supply demands attention and the demand presents itself. In this circle of demand and supply, one needs sharp sales skills. And if you don’t have these skills, there are high chances that the objective will not be achieved. Visitors at any business exhibition expect that the exhibitor will present himself/herself in a professional and crisp manner. How far can he/she go for the organization is a choice that needs to be made wisely. DTCI Training module teaches the stand personnel team a diligent and professional way of selling at an exhibition.


This training is helpful for all those professionals and commercial teams who want their sales at exhibitions and shows to be a huge success.



With a fast paced, interactive, and engaging approach, the sessions are knowledgeable and interesting. A lot of candidates feel that they don’t need this training, but once the module is over, they get to know the benefits and learn various insights during the session. Exhibition sales talks are practiced thoroughly during all the sessions. Role –plays are recoded, so that the best video can be shared and is also applauded for success. The training module also uses written exercise and group assignments.

Training Objectives