Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP)

The Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) is a high energy and deeply impactful experiential workshop that gives participants the understanding and tools necessary for creating greater accountability in their organization. While working on actual organizational results, participants apply the principles from the Ladder of Accountability and experience the Steps to Accountability that are necessary to achieve those results. The Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) program aims to create a culture of accountability within organizations and helps strengthen accountability in the workplace. It focuses on empowering individuals and teams to take ownership of their responsibilities, collaborate effectively, and achieve shared goals. This remarkable accountability and performance program provides practical tools and strategies to enhance accountability at all levels, from individual contributors to senior leaders. By emphasizing personal responsibility, mutual support, and clear communication, the Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) program helps organizations improve performance, productivity, and overall success. Throughout the workshop, the skills, attitudes, and tools for taking the steps to Acknowledge the Reality, Embrace the Reality, find new Solution and Make it Happen steps (RESM) are presented and practiced. The Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) program is an interactive workshop that helps participants create and shape a Culture of Accountability where managers avoid the Blame Game, focus on achieving results, and constantly ask, “What more can be done to solve the problems?” to meet deadlines, overcome obstacles, and achieve results. The Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) is a 1 day program that starts 15 days prior to the exercise of Assessment of current culture where mindsets are evaluated around 16 behaviors of Culture of Accountability. Simultaneously, One-On-One Interviews with Key people are conducted to understand the current Key results and level of alignment. Further, sessions are initiated to enable the new mindsets with the help of executive teams by following a 30-60-90 days evaluation plan to check the cultural shifts achieved. The overall design of the Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) program is based on the assumption that culture produces results, and current results are produced by current culture. Also, the job of the leadership team is to create experiences that are in line with new mindsets and remove the experiences feeding the old mindsets.
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Key Takeaways of the Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP)

Ensure Clarity, Alignment and Ownership of Key Results on the team or/and organization.

Introduce a positive approach to creating greater accountability throughout the organization

Create greater ownership to achieve key results by using the Ladder of Accountability

Learn how to apply the tools and practices that accelerate greater accountability both individually and organizationally

Develop specific action steps using Accountability Plans to create a foundation for Culture of Accountability and achieving the desired results

Learning Formats

The Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) program offers flexible learning formats to suit the comfort, schedule, and needs of the participants.
In-person Program (Duration- 1 Day) | Virtual Program (Duration- 6 Hours)

Modes of the Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP)

The Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) program offers various modes to ensure participants can join the program without compromising their professional schedule, work routine, and availability.

Interactive workshops

Online webinars

coaching session

Online Courses

Blended Learning

Core Beneficiaries of the

Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP)


When it comes to achieving accountability for performance, it is vital to define clear expectations that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). They provide a clear understanding of what is expected from individuals or teams, helping them align their efforts with organizational goals.

Ownership is all about taking responsibility for meeting the clear expectations set forth. Talking about ownership in the context of accountability and performance program, it is necessary to develop a proactive approach to fulfill commitments and deliver results.

It is easy to understand that the accountability in the workplace comes with its positive and negative consequences. They are essential for maintaining performance accountability among people. Positive consequences, such as recognition and rewards, motivate individuals to meet expectations, while negative consequences, such as feedback and coaching, help course-correct behavior.

The Ladder of Accountability is a crucial component of Accountability for Higher Performance® (AFHP) and consists of a framework for managing accountability in the workplace from lower to higher levels.