Effectiveness Beyond Time (EBT)

In the 4th century AD, St. Augustine asked, “What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.” In the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin replied, “Time is money”. Although there were many answers given regarding St. Augustine’s question and Benjamin Franklin’s answer, the equation that time is money seems best suited to the way we see time today. Time is a resource, and a unique one at that, as it cannot be replenished. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on effective time management to maximize time utilization.

Working as a corporate professional in any organization, you must have encountered various questions like-

How can you organize your work? How can you organize your agenda? Are you able to stick to your plan, or do you run after it? Or do you, from time to time, have the feeling that the work has caught up with you and that you are being guided by the red tail lights of priorities and obligations?  You are not the only one! Surprisingly enough, time management issues are most frequently found in those jobs that offer a high degree of freedom– jobs with a lot of internal and external contacts and very few routine activities. In this ‘lean and mean’ time, the consequences very often show up clearly and can quite easily take on frustrating forms. This training will attempt to alleviate some of the challenges caused by the need to manage time better and will help in improving time management skills. It will tackle time management on three different levels: personal, managerial, and organizational, creating a complete picture of what effective time management means in the modern organization.
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Key Takeaways of Effectiveness Beyond Time (EBT) Program

Upon completion of this effective time management course, the participants will be able to:

Understand different perceptions of time and their effect

Think differently about the methods in which they utilize their time

Recognize more quickly things that can be done better, more efficiently, and more effectively

Feel that they have more control over their life

Change of roles in the exhibit

How to approach the visitor

Effective opening conversation

One–minute presentation

Welcoming more than one visitor at the same time

Asking questions to visitors

Learning Formats

Participants in the remarkable time management skills program can choose the desired format that best fits their learning style and availability. It does not matter which format they choose; these formats can offer effective time management strategies to help employees, individuals, and managerial people achieve desired results within the stipulated time frame.
In-person Program (Duration- 1 Day) | Virtual Program (Duration- 6 Hours)

Modes of Effectiveness Beyond Time (EBT) Program

The time management program offers various learning modes that are more aligned with participants’ learning preferences and work schedules to get a better insight into proven time management strategies.

Live Workshops

Virtual Sessions

Blended learning

Core Beneficiaries of the

Effectiveness Beyond Time (EBT) Program

The Effectiveness Beyond Time (EBT) Program is designed for professionals at all levels who seek to enhance their productivity and time management skills. The core beneficiaries of the program include:

FAQs Related to Selling Virtually

The effective time management program is a comprehensive training program that can help individuals enhance their productivity, improve effective time management skills, and achieve overall effectiveness in both personal and professional life.

The time management skills program helps participants develop a deeper understanding of time management principles, learn practical techniques for improving productivity, and create personalized strategies for effective time management.

The time management course covers a wide range of topics, including time management strategies, principles, prioritization techniques, goal setting, delegation strategies, and overcoming procrastination.

Participants of the time management program can expect to improve their productivity, manage their time more effectively, reduce stress and overwhelm, and achieve a better work-life balance.

Yes, the time management program can be customized to fulfill the diverse needs and goals of the participants to ensure that they get the most relevant and beneficial learning experience.