Performance Conversation Management (PCM)- Performance Conversations That Matter

The Performance Conversation Management (PCM) program is designed to show learners effective methods to motivate and lead employees to greater performance. The Performance Conversations Program is for supervisors, managers, or working managers who need a skills check-up or an attitude refresher.  There is an optional day available to allow the participants to practice newly acquired skills with the trainer before returning to the workplace.

Performance Conversation Management (PCM) is a structured dialogue between a manager and an employee to discuss and evaluate the employee’s performance. The Performance Conversations program focuses on setting clear goals, providing feedback, and identifying areas for improvement. The conversation is aimed at aligning individual goals with organizational objectives to foster employee development and recognize achievements. It helps in clarifying expectations, appraising performance, addressing concerns, and providing guidance for career growth. By nurturing open communication and collaboration, Performance Conversation Management (PCM) aims to improve performance, boost morale, and drive overall organizational success.
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Key Takeaways of the Performance Conversation Management (PCM)

By participating in the Business Acumen Skills program, the individuals can achieve the following outcomes as listed below. 

How to use performance agreements and goals setting tools

Building commitment and compliance to goals

Performance conversation– around four typical issues

Coaching and counseling conversations

Feedback conversations

Disciplinary conversations

Appraising performance

Learning Formats

The Performance Conversation Management (PCM) program offers flexible learning formats to suit the comfort, schedule, and needs of the participants.
In-person Program (Duration- 1 Day) | Virtual Program (Duration- 4 Hours)

Modes of the Performance Conversation Management (PCM)

The Performance Conversation Management (PCM) program offers flexible modes of learning to help participants enroll in this program according to their time, availability, and preferences. The various modes of this Performance Conversations program are listed below.

In-person Workshops

Virtual Sessions

Blended Approach


Group Coaching

Core Beneficiaries of the

Performance Conversation Management (PCM)

The Performance Conversation Management (PCM) program is beneficial for various people, including:


The Performance Improvement Conversations program is designed to enhance managers' skills in conducting effective performance discussions, setting clear goals, appraising performance, and providing constructive feedback to improve employee performance.

The Performance Conversation Management (PCM) program covers various topics such as goal setting, feedback delivery, performance evaluation, coaching, and performance improvement planning.

The Performance Conversation Management (PCM) program improves organizational performance with various points: - It helps align individual goals in sync with organizational objectives to achieve shared common goals. - With improved feedback and communication skills, the Performance Conversations Program develops a more open and transparent work environment. - Clear performance discussions and feedback conversations can boost employee morale and motivation, leading to higher productivity. - The Performance Conversation Management (PCM) program helps identify and develop talent within the organization, ensuring the right people are in the right roles. - Equipping managers with the skills required for managing and appraising performance effectively helps create a culture of accountability, engagement, and continuous improvement, which improves organizational performance.

The Performance Conversation Management (PCM) program aims to achieve several key outcomes for individuals, teams, and organizations. Some of these outcomes are: - Improved Performance Discussions: Participants will learn how to conduct more effective performance discussions, set clear goals, and provide constructive feedback. - Enhanced Goal Setting: Managers will be able to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals that align with organizational objectives and employee development. - Better Feedback Delivery: Participants of the Performance Conversations program will develop skills to deliver feedback in a way that is constructive, specific, and actionable, leading to improved performance. - Increased Employee Engagement: By engaging in more meaningful performance conversations, employees are likely to feel more valued and engaged in their work. - Enhanced Coaching Skills: Managers will improve their coaching skills, enabling them to support employees in developing their skills and achieving their goals. - Improved Performance: By nurturing a culture of continuous feedback and development, the program aims to improve overall performance by engaging in appraising performance across various organizational levels.