Managing Team Accountability- (MTA)

Managing Team Accountability (MTA) will systematically build capability and leadership at every level of the organization. Each training track presents the models, methods, tools, and practices necessary for achieving accountability for key expectations and behaviors at the individual, team, and organizational levels. The remarkable Accountability in Teamwork and Execution workshop is based on the following principles:
  • A company’s leaders must create its culture
  • The organizational culture will deliver its results
  • A culture of accountability is the most effective culture and is defined as “people being accountable to think and act in the manner necessary for their organization to achieve results”
  • Accelerating the transition to a culture of accountability creates competitive and organizational advantage
Wheel of Accountability

By following the steps of the wheel of accountability, leaders can avoid the unpleasant “surprises” that plague almost every project and discover the key to getting things done through others. Never again will your attempts to hold people accountable backfire in a way that hurts your objective. Never again will you feel at a loss and wonder what else you can do to get others to deliver on key expectations. Managing Team Accountability (MTA) Program enables the ability of a team to deliver key results and expectations. Also, the focus is on key expectations and not delivering is not an option.

The Managing Team Accountability (MTA) is a 1 day program that starts 15 days prior to the exercise of Assessment of current culture where mindsets are evaluated around 16 behaviors of Culture of Accountability. Simultaneously, One-On-One Interviews with Key people are conducted to understand the current Key expectations and level of alignment. Further, sessions are initiated to enable the new mindsets with the help of executive teams by following a 30-60-90 days evaluation plan to check the cultural shifts achieved. The overall design of the Managing Team Accountability (MTA) program is based on the assumption that culture produces results, and current results are produced by current culture. Also, the job of the leadership team is to create experiences that are in line with new mindsets and remove the experiences feeding the old mindsets.
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Key Takeaways of Managing Team Accountability (MTA)

By participating in the MTA program, the individuals can achieve the following outcomes as listed below. 

Leaders learn how to ensure execution around the Key Expectations.

The key elements of establishing clarity around the key expectations, make them memorable so that they get legs of their own.

Build a business case around the key expectations, that aligns with individuals in a team or a group.

Monitor and have alignment conversations to keep things on track.

Provide feedback to enable team members come back on track to deliver around the key expectations

This helps leaders deliver on time, specification and on budget.

Learning Formats

The Managing Team Accountability (MTA) program offers various flexible learning formats to suit different preferences and schedules. Participants of the Managing Team Accountability (MTA) program can choose the format that best fits their learning style and availability.
In-person Program (Duration- 1 Day) | Virtual Program (Duration- 6 Hours)

Modes of Managing Team Accountability (MTA) Program

Participants of the Managing Team Accountability (MTA) program can select the mode aligned with their learning styles and schedules to ensure they can fully engage with the program and apply the concepts effectively in their team management practices.

Interactive workshops

Virtual sessions

Case studies

Practical exercises

Core Beneficiaries of the

Managing Team Accountability (MTA) Program

The Managing Team Accountability (MTA) process is designed for people who are responsible for establishing accountability and performance to achieve organizational goals. Some of the beneficiaries of the program are:


The Managing Team Accountability (MTA) program focuses on enhancing organizational accountability by equipping leaders with the right tools and strategies to create a culture of ownership and responsibility within their teams.

The program focuses on team building accountability and is delivered through a combination of workshops, case studies, and practical exercises to ensure the practical application of concepts.

The team accountability program includes various topics, such as creating a culture of accountability, setting SMART goals, providing constructive feedback, and resolving conflicts within teams.

With this Managing Team Accountability (MTA) program, participants can improve team performance, increase employee engagement, and achieve better overall organizational results.