The Persuasive Communicator®

The Persuasive Communicator® (PC) is a 16-hour workshop presenting lifelong skills that enable delegates to communicate effectively, become more influential, and ultimately become more successful in persuasive communication in business.

This robust ViLT (Virtual instructor Led Training) provides delegates with an intuitive, practical system for dealing with all people, especially those “difficult or uncooperative people” whom they have not been able to influence yet and achieve better results in the field of communication and persuasion.

Based on Persona GLOBAL®’s proprietary Social Styles and Trust Building methodologies, The Persuasive Communicator® workshop enables delegates to build sustained, long-term win-win business as well as personal relationships.
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About Persona GLOBAL®

Founded on October 28, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois, Persona GLOBAL® is a management consulting company that provides robust, field-tested performance solutions and survey instrumentation. Over the last three decades, Persona GLOBAL® gradually expanded our range of organizational and personal performance enhancing solutions to a network of +1,700 certified trainers and consultants worldwide in more than 70 countries.

Various programs and tools, including The Persuasive Communicator®, are delivered in the local language and culturally adapted by seasoned business professionals who have a passion for people development. Our expertise serves as a catalyst for unleashing the critical power of the “human element” so that both the company and its employees can realize their full potential. The tailored and scalable process-oriented performance solutions are practical, flexible, and address real-world business challenges.

Key Takeaways of The Persuasive Communicator®

At the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to demonstrate their abilities in persuasive communication in business by:

Examine how people communicate & miscommunicate with each other

Develop a systematic method for recognizing the behavior of our customers in terms of their needs

See ourselves in the same way as others perceive us

Learn how to build trust, and practice empathy and flexibility

Develop a “Game Plan” to resolve an important real-life communication gap

Ensure continued use of your new skills to bring results again and again

Learning Formats

Based on the availability, comfort, and professional schedule of the participants, The Persuasive Communicator® program is available in formats such as:
In-person Program (Duration- 2 Days) | Virtual Program (Duration- 6 Hours)

Modes of The Persuasive Communicator®

The Persuasive Communicator® program offers flexible learning modes to suit different preferences and schedules. Whether in a classroom setting, virtually, or through self-study, the Persuasive Communicator® program ensures that participants gain the skills and knowledge needed to become effective communicators and learn the nuances of effective persuasive communication in business.

In-person workshops

Virtual sessions


Practical exercises

ViLT (Virtual Instructor
Led Training)

Core Beneficiaries of the

Persuasive Communicator®

The Persuasive Communicator® program is beneficial for anyone aiming to enhance their overall persuasive communication in business. However, some of the professionals across industries who can get immense benefits from this program are:


The program covers a range of skills, including effective listening, building rapport, storytelling, handling objections, and delivering persuasive presentations in a corporate setting.

The duration of the Persuasive Communicator® program varies depending on the chosen format, ranging from two-day workshops to a few-hour virtual session to ensure better understanding and comprehensive training.

By leveraging the full potential of effective communication and persuasion skills, participants can accomplish the following benefits:
- Learn to communicate effectively, build rapport, and deliver persuasive messages with confidence.
- Persuasive communication in business offers validated techniques to influence and persuade others to help participants achieve their objectives more effectively.
- Participants of a communication and persuasion program learn to develop skills to build stronger relationships with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.
- By mastering persuasive communication in business, participants can boost sales, negotiate better deals, and have a greater impact on business outcomes.
- The program also enhances personal development, improving self-confidence and overall communication effectiveness.