Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program:

Change management can be difficult. In fact, 70% of organizations say their change management efforts currently lack a simple and effective model that people at all levels can use. Lead Culture greatly facilitates change management efforts in a way that is effective, meaningful, and embraced by leadership and the workforce alike.

Culture shifts are to be initiated by the senior team to serve the future results of the team or organization. The results that you are experiencing are the product of your current culture. The Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program is a powerful change management process designed to shape and transform culture. Utilizing a powerful and insightful model known as The Performance Triangle, coupled with innovative cultural management tools, the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program gets traction around the desired culture, acting as a major catalyst in an organizational path to greater success.

The design of the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program has two distinct phases:

Create Culture Beliefs: This phase focuses on designing the culture shift process based on the current diagnosis and the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders.

Implement Culture Beliefs: This part focuses on introducing and aligning the entire team or organization to new Mindsets, Behaviors, and Results.     

Process Involved with the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program         

To initiate the effective process of culture management, the current organizational culture is assessed through phone interviews and the Organizational Culture Assessment (online). After a careful assessment, debriefing findings are done with leaders, particular roles that they will play in workshops are outlined, and desired steps are taken for subsequent implementation.  
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The Pre-Assessment Steps

  • Interviews and data gathering
  • Pre-Workshop leader debrief and preparation call
  • Workshop tailoring and design, exclusively for your company positioning
  • Proprietary Partners in Leadership culture assessments for all participants
  • Culture assessment reporting

Roadmap for Cultural Shaping in Your Organization

  • Create your Cultural Beliefs Statement
  • Build your Belief triangle (experiences that drive beliefs)
  • Align your culture for rapid progress
  • Implement the four ways to promote culture change
  • Your cultural integration plan
  • Alignment checkpoints     

Key Takeaways of the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program

The participants of this Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program will be able to achieve the following outcomes as listed below.

Status and review of internal assessments

Overview of interviews

Identification of needed change in the organization

Belief bias changes are needed

Key leadership and culture shaping

Learning Formats

The Culture Shift by Design (CSD) program offers a detailed two-day workshop to help participants achieve a culture shift in their organization and instill a culture of accountability through a set of cultural management tools, skill sets, and knowledge.
In-person Program (Duration- 2 Days)
The first day of the two-day Develop the Cultural Beliefs workshop is designed to assist organizational leaders in defining the needed shifts in the way they think and act and articulate those shifts. Your cultural beliefs will be built specifically to influence actions and drive personal and collective ownership for business results. The second day of this workshop develops leadership proficiency around each of the Key Cultural Management Tools needed to create and maintain a Culture of Accountability. A plan to integrate these tools into the daily activity of the senior leadership team is created, around which alignment is achieved.

Modes of the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program

The various modes of this leading Culture Shift by Design (CSD) program are:

Train the Facilitator (TTF)

Onsite training

Complimentary webinars

and reporting

Core Beneficiaries of the

Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program

The core beneficiaries of the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program are both the employees and the organization. For employees, the program offers a supportive and inclusive work environment that promotes well-being, growth, and job satisfaction. It helps them feel valued and engaged, leading to higher morale and productivity. When it comes to organizations, the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program fosters a positive and collaborative culture that enhances teamwork, innovation, and business success.


The Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program helps in managing organizational culture by providing a framework for defining, implementing, and reinforcing desired cultural values and behaviors. It involves assessing the current culture, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing targeted interventions to drive cultural change.

The Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program aligns with the organization's goals and objectives by ensuring that the desired culture supports and enhances the achievement of these goals. It focuses on creating a culture that fosters innovation, agility, and customer-centricity, which are often key priorities for organizations.

Employees are actively involved in the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program through participation in culture surveys, focus groups, and feedback sessions. They are also engaged in co-creating the desired culture by identifying and implementing initiatives that promote the desired cultural values and behaviors.

The Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program measures the effectiveness of cultural change through regular culture assessments, employee feedback, and key performance indicators related to culture. This culture management program evaluates the impact of cultural initiatives on employee engagement, collaboration, innovation, and overall organizational performance.

There are numerous benefits of implementing the Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program in an organization. Some of these crucial benefits of the program that help in achieving improved business performance and competitiveness in the long run are:
- This culture management program can lead to improved employee morale and engagement, as employees feel more valued and connected to the organization.
- It can enhance teamwork and collaboration, as a positive culture encourages open communication and cooperation among team members.
- The culture management program can drive innovation and creativity in employees by encouraging a competitive spirit through outside-the-box thinking and adopting a more risk-taking approach.
- This Culture Shift by Design (CSD) Program can improve customer satisfaction, as employees who are happy and engaged are more likely to deliver excellent service.