Persona GLOBAL® - Beyond Coaching and Mentoring (BCM)

Mentoring is a process of building workplace relationships to empower individuals to develop personal and professional abilities, achieve performance goals at increasingly higher levels, and make progress toward their career goals.

Beyond Coaching and Mentoring is a transformative program designed to take coaching and mentoring skills to new heights. This Business Coaching and Mentoring program goes beyond the basics, focusing on advanced techniques and strategies that empower individuals to become exceptional coaches and mentors. In the coaching and mentoring skills program, participants learn how to build strong and effective coaching relationships, navigate challenges, and drive meaningful change in themselves and others. With a practical approach and real-world applications, Beyond Coaching and Mentoring equips participants with the tools and insights needed to excel in coaching and mentoring.

The Communication Style Profile is a tool to assess your preferences on communication styles, flexibility, and empathy as seen by others. Participants of the Coaching and Mentoring program need to fill out one questionnaire and select a number of their colleagues to fill in another set for computer-generated feedback on the participant’s ability to understand the differences and needs among people. From that, participants will be given a personal Game plan to formulate communication strategies for any mentee they want to influence. 

Key Benefits of Beyond Coaching and Mentoring on Mentee, Manager, and Organization For Mentee
  • Take charge of his/her own learning
  • Advance his/her career
  • Improve his/her performance
For Mentor/Manager
  • Improve organizational performance
  • Feel pride in the accomplishments of mentees
For Organization
  • Achieve organizational goals
  • Build a learning organization
  • Grow the business
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Key Takeaways of the Beyond Coaching and Mentoring

Gain awareness of the importance and benefits of mentoring as a supervisory/management role and responsibility. Develop an understanding of:

The mentoring process and how to use it to “grow” people and organizations

The critical success factors/competencies for effective mentoring.

Identify their mentoring style and learn how to apply and adapt that style in different mentoring relationships.

Learn specific tools and techniques to mentor their people more effectively.

About Persona GLOBAL®

Founded on October 28, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois, Persona GLOBAL® is a management consulting company that provides robust, field-tested performance solutions and survey instrumentation. Over the last three decades, Persona GLOBAL® gradually expanded our range of organizational and personal performance enhancing solutions to a network of +1,700 certified trainers and consultants worldwide in more than 70 countries.
All programs and tools are delivered in the local language and culturally adapted by seasoned business professionals who have a passion for people development. Our expertise serves as a catalyst for unleashing the critical power of the “human element” so that both the company and its employees can realize their full potential. The tailored and scalable process-oriented performance solutions are practical, flexible, and address real-world business challenges.

Learning Formats

Beyond Coaching and Mentoring offers diverse learning formats to cater to different learning styles, requirements, and preferences. The format of this program is designed in sync with participants’ schedules and learning needs to ensure a practical and impactful learning journey.
In-person Beyond Coaching and Mentoring Program (Duration- 2 Days)

Modes of the Beyond Coaching and Mentoring

The Coaching and Mentoring program offers flexible modes of learning to suit the comfort, schedule, and needs of your participants. The various learning modes of the Beyond Coaching and Mentoring program are:




e-learning modules

Core Beneficiaries of the

Beyond Coaching and Mentoring

The core beneficiaries of the Coaching and Mentoring Skills program are all those people who want to learn how they can effectively mentor and coach their people. Some of the people who can be a great fit for this program are:


Beyond Coaching and Mentoring is a comprehensive program that enhances coaching and mentoring skills for individuals at different organizational levels. It goes beyond traditional approaches and emphasizes various advanced techniques and strategies to strengthen the impact of coaching and mentoring relationships.

Beyond Coaching and Mentoring is a great choice for corporate professionals who are already engaged in coaching or mentoring roles and want to advance their skills. The Coaching and Mentoring Skills program is also beneficial for leaders and managers who want to develop a coaching culture within their organizations.

The Business Coaching and Mentoring program covers various topics such as advanced coaching techniques, mentoring strategies, building effective coaching relationships, and overcoming common challenges in coaching and mentoring.

Beyond Coaching and Mentoring is different from other coaching programs in various ways. Unlike other programs, the Coaching and Mentoring Skills program focuses on advanced skills and strategies, providing practical tools and techniques required for applying real-world coaching and mentoring scenarios.

Beyond Coaching and Mentoring equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary for becoming effective coaches and mentors, helping them enable optimum personal and professional growth for themselves and their teams.