Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification

As a responsible manager, trainer, or leader, it is evident that you have to spend a lot of your time with people, helping them achieve their goals and leading them onto the path of growth. A good leader not only banks upon the team’s strengths, but also works on the areas that need improvement. When you are put in charge, Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification program ensures that everyone’s talent in your team is being used in the best possible manner. This, in turn, will have a positive effect on people’s involvement and the overall relationship between you and the team.

The way a trainer coaches, trains, and supervises the team determines how the team will perform and also affects team relations. Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification program helps participants understand that their attitude and skills can have a huge effect on the team. This will help you teach/enable skills and content to build capacity inside your organization. This program uses the learning principles and seven core competencies of a facilitator to create an effective learning environment. It emphasizes pre-training, during and post-training processes to allow the highest retention and transference to the workplace.

Topics Covered under Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification Program 
  • Learn how to present yourself.
  • The art of motivating and training a team
  • How do you maintain participants’ attention?     
  • Preparing a training course
  • Using audio-visual tools in an efficient manner
  • How do you work cordially in a group?
  • Increase the trust that people put in you and your strengths
  • How can you not lose your team’s trust?
  • Understanding the purpose and importance of role-play
  • How do we effectively organize role-plays among teams?
  • The best way to prepare a script
  • How can you encourage and inspire the participants?
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Key Takeaways of Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification

Once you complete this Train the Trainer (TTT) program, participants can learn to:

Support and train people in a result-oriented direction

Interact with teams with increased confidence and enthusiasm

Exceed employees’ expectation

Learning Formats

The Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification program offers flexible learning formats to suit the comfort, schedule, and needs of the participants.
In-person Program (Duration- 2 Days) | Virtual Program (Duration- 2 Days)

Modes of the Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification

This Train the Trainer (TTT) program has various aspects, comprising multiple elements and modes, to help participants improve their overall performance and effectively assess their strengths and weaknesses.


Video recording


Practical exercises

Core Beneficiaries of the

Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification

The Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification program is ideal and beneficial for internal trainers/leaders who manage or are about to manage, supervise, and train a team. 


The Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification program provides individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and capabilities to become effective trainers. It covers topics such as adult learning principles, training design and delivery, facilitation techniques, and evaluation methods.

A typical Train the Trainer (TTT) program comprises interactive workshops, practical exercises, real-world inspired case studies, and assessments to provide participants with a thorough understanding of various training concepts to ensure their effective application.

Train the Trainer (TTT) certification program is recognized and is a premium offering of the BYLD Group, the leading learning and development academy and the organization is the thought leader in train the trainer program.

After becoming a certified trainer through the BYLD Certification program, individuals can get various benefits, as listed below.
- Trainer certification shows your expertise and commitment to professional development and strengthens your credibility as a trainer.
- Certified trainers often have more opportunities for career advancement and higher earning potential.
- Train the Trainer (TTT) Certification programs provide advanced training in training design, delivery, and facilitation, improving your training skills.
- These trainer programs often provide access to a network of certified trainers for collaboration and support.
- Being certified can distinguish you in the industry and open doors to new opportunities.
- Certified trainers are in high demand, providing job security and stability in the field of training and development.