The Persuasive SalespersonTM (PS) Program-The Globally Recognized Influence and Persuasion Training

Businesses are aggressively seeking customer attention and sales in a highly competitive global market. However, persuading and influencing customers’ choices and preferences to accomplish sales without the support of an impactful persuasive communication training program is a challenging task. Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or a newbie in sales, the effective art of persuasion through a persuasion skills training program can really make a difference in closing deals and improving sales revenue. Amidst this critical business scenario, the globally acclaimed persuasive communication training program- The Persuasive Salesperson™ from Persona GLOBAL®, can help accomplish the desired goals through its renowned consulting training program.
The Persuasive Salesperson™ program is a comprehensive persuasive communication training program designed to equip sales professionals with the skills and strategies needed to become more compelling communicators. The globally recognized and validated persuasion skills training program is easy to learn and is applicable to real-life work challenges. Participants of a persuasive communication training program receive feedback on how business associates perceive their natural communication style, ability to project empathy, and level of interpersonal flexibility. This input from persuasion skills training leads to tailored courses of action for communicating more effectively with others through the help of various impactful virtual sales training programs, workshops, consultative sales training programs, case studies, and other such events.
In addition, participants can acquire Persona’s expert game planning software system in order to meet future communication challenges. Before the workshop, participants choose a real-life, work-related individual as their case study subject for the persuasive communication training program. During the workshop of this key account sales program, participants use feedback from up to five of their business associates to learn their strengths in trust building, get insights about their persuasion skills training, and other crucial skills to minimize or eliminate their weaknesses. By the end of the workshop related to persuasive communication training along with the support of Persona GLOBAL®’s Game planning software, each participant learns to practice appropriate skills, develop a game (action) plan, and test the new way to communicate with their case study subject, usually someone with whom they often fail to communicate effectively. The Persuasive Salesperson™ reveals the skills needed to build trust, positively influence others, and achieve win-win results in the shortest time frame possible.
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About Persona GLOBAL®

Founded on October 28, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois, Persona GLOBAL® is a management consulting company that provides robust, field-tested performance solutions and survey instrumentation. Over the last three decades, Persona GLOBAL® gradually expanded our range of organizational and personal performance enhancing solutions to a network of +1,700 certified trainers and consultants worldwide in more than 70 countries.

All programs and tools are delivered in the local language and culturally adapted by seasoned business professionals who have a passion for people development. Our expertise serves as a catalyst for unleashing the critical power of the “human element” so that both the company and its employees can realize their full potential. The tailored and scalable process-oriented performance solutions are practical, flexible, and address real-world business challenges.

Key Takeaways from the Persuasion Skills Training Program

Mastering Persuasive Communication

Participants will learn the principles of persuasive communication and how to apply them in real-world sales scenarios. From understanding customer needs to crafting compelling sales pitches, this program covers all aspects of persuasive communication training.

Building Rapport and Trust

Building rapport and trust with customers is crucial for successful sales outcomes. In this persuasive communication training program, participants can learn proven persuasion skills training and techniques to build trust with customers for stronger relationships and increased sales opportunities.

Handling Objections

Objections are common in sales, but it makes sense to explore ways to manage them effectively through a persuasive communication training program to determine success or failure. Participants can learn strategies for anticipating and addressing objections through persuasion skills training, turning them into opportunities to persuade the customer further.

Closing Techniques

In The Persuasive Salesperson™ program, a widely recognized persuasive communication training program, participants can learn a variety of closing techniques designed to seal the deal and secure the sale.

Learning Formats

The Persuasive Salesperson™ is a 16-hour skills training methodology that gives participants a lifelong tool for communicating more powerfully and persuasively in any business situation. The methodology is based on Persona’s Social Styles and Trust Building Models, proven over the past 20 years to be one of the world’s most effective persuasion skills training programs available in various formats such as:
In-person Program (Duration- 2 Days)  |  Virtual Program (Duration- 6 Hours)

Modes of The Persuasive Salesperson™ (PS) Program

The Persuasive Salesperson™ program by Persona Global® offers a comprehensive training experience delivered through a combination of various elements like


Virtual training

Case studies

Practical exercises

Core Beneficiaries of the

Persuasive Salesperson™ (PS) Program


Persuasion is an essential skill that needs to be mastered to achieve the desired impact in a personal and professional environment. For individuals determined to improve their persuasion skills through an effective persuasive communication training, below are a few tips that can bring a positive change.
- Focus on clarity, empathy, and active listening through effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving training.
- Learn about principles like reciprocity, scarcity, and social proof through the help of persuasion skills training.
- Develop negotiation skills to reach win-win outcomes.
- Solicit input from peers and seek feedback from mentors to identify areas for improvement.
- Attend workshops, read books, and seek professional development opportunities.

The five keys to persuasion are reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, and liking. Reciprocity involves giving before asking for something in return, while scarcity emphasizes the limited availability of a product or service. Authority involves leveraging expertise or credibility, consistency relies on maintaining commitments, and liking is about building rapport and connection with others. These principles are fundamental components of persuasive communication training in influencing others' decisions and behaviors.

Techniques of persuasion communication training include reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus. Reciprocity involves giving something before asking for something in return. Scarcity creates urgency by highlighting limited availability. Authority leverages credibility and expertise. Consistency relies on getting commitments that lead to larger commitments. Liking involves building rapport and trust. Consensus uses social proof to demonstrate widespread acceptance or adoption.

In an influence training course, you can learn a range of persuasion skills training essential for effective persuasion and influence. These skills include communication techniques, understanding human behavior, building rapport, negotiation strategies, conflict resolution, and enhancing leadership abilities. Additionally, you can develop skills to tailor messages to different audiences, overcome objections, and achieve desired outcomes in various personal and professional settings.

Persuasive speaking training is vital because it equips individuals with the skills to effectively convey their ideas, influence opinions, and inspire action. By mastering persuasive speaking techniques along with persuasive communication training, individuals can engage their audience, build credibility, and articulate their message persuasively, leading to increased success in negotiations, presentations, and everyday communication scenarios.

Yes, influence training can significantly improve employee performance by enhancing their communication skills, emotional intelligence, and ability to influence others positively. With improved persuasion skills training and interpersonal skills, employees can build stronger relationships, resolve conflicts effectively, and achieve better outcomes in their roles, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and overall performance in the workplace.