Executive Presence and Personal Branding

To help leader sharp and their executive presence; discovered that “signature voice” and enhance their “digital presence”

The X factor in Leadership: This Training provides a guided approach for any leader to create a “Unique Code” in positively influencing people in a room. This aims at Carving that “Unique Code –Gravitas”- where leaders can learn to create an “Executive Weight”; a presence that people respect and want to follow.

The Tree of Executive Presence:

Introducing a new and a simpler approach towards creating a powerful Leadership Gravitas- The tree of EP!
This will positively influence any leader to start applying the concept and demonstrate more impactful leadership qualities to achieve greater results.

Hands-on learning approach

The core feature in this training is to equip you to garner a quantum jump in the ROI of leadership output. This will guarantee new levels of leadership, presence, and high-impact for Mid- to Senior-level leaders who seek to master powerful influencing skills.

24 X 7 Asynchronous Learning

We handhold you for up to 3 months post the course so that you are not left alone to battle the initial teething problems in the facilitation career using asynchronous learning platform on Google Classroom.

The participants will be able to learn and demonstrate the capacity to:

Understand The Relevance & Process Of Executive Presence & Leadership Gravitas.

Learn To Create A Unique Signature Voice- A Means Of Self-Expression That Is Uniquely Yours!

Understand The Importance Of Creating A Self-Brand Through Assertive Communication & Distinct Personal Styling & Grooming

Develop a Strident Digital Presence for Personal & Professional Branding by Leveraging on Social Media Platform & other potential avenues on the Internet.

Topic Method Time Duration
Introduction to Executive Presence and Gravitas; Self-limiting Briefs and other traps towards whelping and executive presence
interactive, case study
30 minutes
Creating a Signature Voice
exercise, case study
90 minutes
Appearance matters and also
Right Degree of Assertiveness
Video, exercise, case study and practice
60 minutes
Creating a Sharp Digital Presence
video, exercise, case study
60 minutes