Problem solving and creative thinking

Is there a proper mechanism to solve problems in your organization? Do your employees know how to solve a problem efficiently so that it doesn’t reoccur? Do they know that problem solving needs a systematic approach? Let us explain…

It is highly beneficial for employees to learn an effective problem-solving process, which when applied will not just enhance their personal effectiveness but also their ability to solve problems. This is a highly targeted and innovative action-learning training which is designed in a special way to provide training on one particular management skill at a time. When managers complete this training and apply what they’ve learnt problems stay solved for a longer period of time, and there is an increased chance that employees’ personal productivity will also be improved. The combination of these both will help the company achieve desired results.


This training will be helpful for any manager or leader who has the responsibility of problem solving. Participants can be entry-level, mid-level, or top-level employees, which mostly includes team leaders, crew chiefs, supervisors, senior leaders, middle managers, and leads.



Participants are provided detailed study material which includes summaries of key training points, action learning activities, and an Individual Action Plan (IAP). They also get a job aid to summarize and highlight the important points and key learning.

Training Objectives

Once you’re done with this training, you’ll get the following essential competencies: