Strategic Thinking

As a leader we are not only responsible for results but also how we achieve those results. Employees look at leadership explicitly and intrusively to define the purpose (Mission), Direction (Vision ) And a plan to implement the focus action. This program is facilitated to help the leadership team anchor and evolve all 3 elements. These are the same elements that will help people decide their direction and method to achieve those goals

PROGRAM GOALS for the participants

the purpose of your work unit in Contacts of the customer and stakeholder value that needs to created or leveraged

the articulate direction for your work unit based on purpose and how to communicate the same

plan to implement the action leading to achievement of goal

create a implementation framework that is measurable and visible

The program is designed to work with real issues so the participants leave the program with ready to implement framework for their respective work units based on what they created using the tools in the program.create a implementation framework that is measurable and visible.