Stress Management

Why stress management training?

Stress at work can be a silent killer. It’ll not just suck your physical energy, but also drain you emotionally. Under the effect of stress, you cannot unleash your full potential, managing your relationships becomes a cumbersome task, and creating and work-life balance becomes rather difficult. You’re not alone who’s handling this. Employees across the globe complain of stress being a hidden enemy at work. It is a source of all kinds of negative emotions like – anger and frustration and leads to many psychosomatic diseases. It becomes a hurdle in your path to reach your goals and adversely affects your interpersonal relations.

High levels of stress if left unmanaged can also create problems with your health, both mental and physical. One of the best ways to conquer this enemy is by having the right mindset and a positive outlook. At work you cannot control the events or circumstances leading to stressful situations, but you can learn to modify your reaction towards them.

The Door Training ad Consulting India brings you a Stress Management training is greatly helpful for employees and encourages striking a better work-life balance. The good thing about this training module is that it is highly experiential and is open to whoever wants to incorporate effective stress management strategies into their personal development plan.

Do you have a plan to organize your work and agendas? Do you stick to the action plan or lag behind? Do you also feel that your work is getting caught up and productivity is low? And are you able to balance your personal and professional life? Time management is one of the most important aspects that employees tend to overlook. Your work may lead you to various internal and external contacts, but do you make the full use of the opportunity? Time management is an effective way which teaches you to get everything done in a systematic way under control. The Stress Management Training by The Door Training gives executives, employees, and even managers a direction. For all those in the corporate sector who want to achieve more in less time without being too stressed, this training imbibes crucial time management skills which in turn help in stress management as well.


The training is for any and everyone who wants to incorporate effective stress management into their development plan to lead a more productive and successful life.



The Stress Management training is intensive, experiential, and participative

Training Objectives

After the successful completion of this training, you’ll be able to: