Team Building and Training (TBT) Program

In teamwork, interpersonal conflict is the single most frequently cited reason for failure to meet deadlines, miscommunication, stress, inefficiency, and low productivity.

The key to effective and harmonious teams, durable results, and creative problem-solving is TRUST. Trust forges cohesive teams in which members work together more productively, supporting each other to meet deadlines and achieve common goals.

As business organizations become more complex, the need for cohesive work teams also grows. Persona GLOBAL®, Inc.’s Team Building and Training (TBT) Program lays a solid foundation of mutual understanding and trust through a comprehensive People Skills program that helps teams reach their full potential.                    

Core Components of Team Building and Training (TBT) Program

Establish participants’ case studies

  • Understand the difference between describing and judging behavior
  • Learn how to recognize communication styles
  • Learn the stylistic needs of each communication style
  • Examine cooperation and conflict among people of different styles

Trust and Empathy

  • The Persona Trust Model
  • Learn the elements of trust
  • Understand the importance of empathy and practice empathy projection
  • See ourselves as others see us

Change and Defensiveness

  • Recognize each style’s behavioral tendencies
  • Understand and be able to deal effectively with relationship tension in the process of accepting change
  • What weaknesses does each need to improve and minimize?
  • What motivates each style?
  • How does each style react under tension?
  • Fostering growth and professionalism


  • Understand the importance of interpersonal flexibility in being an effective communicator
  • Become aware of one’s interpersonal flexibility, as seen by the five respondents
  • Practice being flexible with different styles. Interpersonal flexibility and effective communication
  • How can you be flexible when dealing with different styles of team members?
  • Flexibility- self perception
  • How do we build flexibility with others?


  • Learn Persona’s Team Building and Training Process
  • To prepare and practice for the next time, the participants will meet as a group, using all the information and skills they have learned in the last two days
  • Conduct a three-step Team building Process

About Persona GLOBAL®

Founded on October 28, 1980, in Chicago, Illinois, Persona GLOBAL® is a management consulting company that provides robust, field-tested performance solutions and survey instrumentation. Over the last three decades, Persona GLOBAL® gradually expanded our range of organizational and personal performance-enhancing solutions to a network of +1,700 certified trainers and consultants worldwide in more than 70 countries.   

All programs and tools are delivered in the local language and culturally adapted by seasoned business professionals who have a passion for people development. Our expertise serves as a catalyst for unleashing the critical power of the “human element” so that both the company and its employees can realize their full potential. The tailored and scalable process-oriented performance solutions are practical, flexible, and address real-world business challenges.       

Key Takeaways of the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program 

  • Examine and discover how and why people do or do not communicate effectively with each other
  • Develop a practical and systematic method for identifying the needs of others by observing their behavior
  • Learn to see yourself as others perceive you and, by doing so, know yourself better
  • Learn how to build trust and practice empathy and flexibility in your communications with others
  • Apply the communication strategies and Win™ Expert Profiling System to create a game plan for resolving an important real-life communications gap
  • Ensure continued use of your new skills to bring results again and again

Key Benefits of the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program

  • Ensures renewed team spirit
  • Provides renewed commitment to project goals and vision
  • Provides a foundation to support effective teamwork
  • Reduction of interpersonal tension and stress
  • Team members gain the ability to build trust by creating win/win situations
  • Team members learn strategies that lead to individual achievement and team success
  • Team members understand various strategies leading to individual achievement and team success
  • Team members learn to understand better, respect, and respond to each other’s needs

Learning Formats of the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program

The Team Building and Training (TBT) Program of DTCI offers diverse learning formats to cater to different preferences and schedules. This variety in learning formats ensures that participants can access the program in a way that facilitates better learning, improved retention, and enhanced results.      

  • In-person Workshop- Duration (2 Days)  
  • Virtual session- Duration (8 hours)  

Modes of the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program

The various learning modes of the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program are:

  • In-person workshops  
  • Virtual sessions
  • Case studies
  • Team building activities

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Core Beneficiaries of the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program

All personnel whose teamwork is critical to their company’s success must enroll themselves in the Team Building and Training (TBT) program.

FAQs Related to the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program

Q1 What outcomes can be expected from the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program?

The TBT Program aims to improve team dynamics, enhance communication, boost morale, and increase productivity. Participants can expect to develop stronger collaboration skills, leading to more effective teamwork and enhanced overall performance.

Q2 What are the various benefits of the TBT Program?

Participating in the Team Building and Training (TBT) Program offers several key benefits that are listed as follows:

  1. Enhance communication skills within the team.
  2. Build trust among team members, leading to stronger relationships.
  3. Foster a creative environment that encourages innovative thinking.
  4. Develop a sense of unity and camaraderie among team members.
  5. Enhance problem-solving abilities through collaborative efforts.
  6. Increase team morale and motivation.
  7. Improve overall team productivity and performance.

Q3 How does the TBT Program address core areas of team building and training?

The TBT Program focuses on developing essential skills such as leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving. It also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and adaptability in achieving organizational goals.

Q4 Why is a team building and training program important for organizations?

A Team Building and Training (TBT) Program is crucial for organizations and holds immense significance in the corporate environment due to various reasons:

  1. Helps in fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.
  2. Boosts employee engagement and satisfaction.
  3. Increases employee retention rates by creating a sense of belonging.
  4. Helps in developing leadership skills among employees.
  5. Enhances problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  6. It builds strong, cohesive teams that work well together.
  7. Contributes to effective overall organizational success and achievement of goals.

Q5 What sets the TBT Program apart from other team building initiatives?

The TBT Program stands out for its experiential learning approach, which ensures that participants actively engage in the learning process. It results in a more impactful and memorable learning experience, leading to long-lasting changes in behavior and performance.




Beyond Coaching and Mentoring is a transformative program designed to take coaching and mentoring skills to new heights. This Business Coaching and Mentoring program goes beyond the basics, focusing on advanced techniques and strategies that empower individuals to become exceptional coaches and mentors. In the coaching and mentoring skills program, participants learn how to build strong and effective coaching relationships, navigate challenges, and drive meaningful change in themselves and others. With a practical approach and real-world applications, Beyond Coaching and Mentoring equips participants with the tools and insights needed to excel in coaching and mentoring.

The Communication Style Profile is a tool to assess your preferences on communication styles, flexibility, and empathy as seen by others. Participants of the Coaching and Mentoring program need to fill out one questionnaire and select a number of their colleagues to fill in another set for computer-generated feedback on the participant’s ability to understand the differences and needs among people. From that, participants will be given a personal Game plan to formulate communication strategies for any mentee they want to influence. 

Key Benefits of Beyond Coaching and Mentoring on Mentee, Manager, and Organization

For Mentee

  • Take charge of his/her own learning
  • Advance his/her career
  • Improve his/her performance

For Mentor/Manager

  • Improve organizational performance
  • Feel pride in the accomplishments of mentees

For Organization

  • Achieve organizational goals
  • Build a learning organization
  • Grow the business
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