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You are about to visit a customer, and you wonder, “How can I double my turnover with this customer?” This thought forms the basis of the Sales Effectiveness training course: getting to know your customer’s potential and developing a workable plan to unleash it. The objective of this course is to create customers with the optimum growth potential. To this end, we will divide customers into S, M, L, XL, and XXL categories. The idea is to grow each customer from one category to the next by stepping up the sales effort, thus doubling your turnover.

The Sales Effectiveness training course will help you plan your time better and smarter, making sure that the customers who deserve the most get the appropriate attention. This course helps develop a unique sales plan by eliminating the need for paperwork. An effective sales plan will result in added value for the organization and more job satisfaction for you as the sales representative.


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Program Approach and Key Topics Covered

The training course consists of a continuous sequence of discussions, interaction, and practical exercises, largely aimed at your day-to-day work situation.

Topics Covered Under the Program

  • Who are your customers?
  • How big are your customers (S, M, L, XL, XXL)  
  • Choosing a sales strategy
  • Working with a 5×4 Sales Plan
  • Giving customized attention
  • Acquiring new customers
  • The ideal time allocation
  • Encouraging your customers to develop
  • Learning from your successes
  • Presenting your 5×4 Sales Plan internally

Following this intensive training course, you will be able to:

  • Prepare and implement a results-oriented sales plan
  • Consciously grow your customers
  • Improve customer performance and results
  • Make more conscious use of time
  • Effectively develop your customers and prospects

Key Takeaways of the Sales Effectiveness Program

Learning Formats of the Sales Effectiveness Program

The Sales Effectiveness Program offers a comprehensive training schedule and format to help improve the learning ability, understanding, and retention of participants.                  

  • In-person Workshop- Duration (2 Days)  

The various learning modes of the Sales Effectiveness Program allow participants to choose from diverse learning formats to accommodate their different preferences and schedules.

  • Discussions
  • Interactive sessions
  • Practical exercises

Modes of the Sales Effectiveness Program

Core Beneficiaries of the Sales Effectiveness Program

The various core beneficiaries of the Sales Effectiveness program are as follows:

  • Account Managers
  • Industrial Sales Representatives
  • Sales Consultants

Core Beneficiaries of the

Sales Effectiveness Program

This consultative sales training program is helpful for all those professionals and commercial teams who want their sales at exhibitions and shows to be a huge success.


Participants of the Sales Effectiveness Program can expect the following benefits:

1. Account Managers
2. Industrial Sales Representatives
3. Sales Consultants

The Sales Effectiveness Program has various effects on an organization that are stated as follows:

1. Helps in increasing overall sales performance and revenue.
2. Provides support in enhancing the skill set of the sales team.
3. Contributes to improved customer retention and loyalty.
4. It helps streamline the sales process for better efficiency. Offers a competitive edge in the market.