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Territory management often means you are being pulled in several directions – making presentations, arranging calls, following up with proposals, visiting new customers, and keeping in contact with key accounts. The DTCI Territory Management training course focuses on the practical skills required to plan your time more successfully, enabling you to maximize sales within your territory. A range of practical exercises and discussion forums are used to ensure that on return to your workplace, you can apply the newly acquired skills with confidence.        

The Territory Management Program helps achieve optimal results for a portfolio of customers by effectively utilizing various processes and tools. It further helps in analyzing, classifying, and allocating appropriate time and resources to plan call cycles, account development, and prospecting activities. The sales professional or territory manager is responsible for a portfolio of accounts and is an important intermediary between your company and your customers. In addition to selling skills, account management, planning, profiling, territory analysis, prospecting, and influencing skills are required to maximize customer relationships.        

Approach of the Territory Management Program

Participants of the Territory Management Program receive a comprehensive Participant Guide. Participant materials include summations of key training points, action learning activities, and an Individual Action Plan. A job aid is provided to summarize and reinforce the key learning back in the workplace. 

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Topics Covered Under the Program

Topics Covered Under the Program

The core objectives of this Territory Management Program are:

  • Plan your territory
  • Territory profiling and analysis
  • Forecasting and funnel management
  • Managing time for maximum results- manage the important versus the urgent
  • Prospecting and qualifying
  • Customer intelligence
  • Working with channel partners
  • Planning for achieving your quota – set and achieve milestones

Key Takeaways of the Territory Management Program

Take personal responsibility for your territory planning and linked activities

Confidently act as the interface between your company and the customer

Analyze the portfolio and allocate effective time based on the customer’s current and lifetime value

Confidently call frequently and set call objectives meant for every customer effectively

Deal with customers based on their current and potential value to the company

Proactively align your time, resources, and territory to achieve optimal face-to-face selling opportunities

Prospect and schedule effectively

Plan and implement account development activities to accomplish your sales plan objectives

Welcoming More Than One Visitor At The Same Time

Learning Formats ​

The Territory Management Program of DTCI offers a distinct and detailed training program to improve individual performance and organizational growth.

In-person Workshop- Duration (1 Day)

Modes of Territory Management Program

The various learning modes of the Territory Management Program allow participants to choose from diverse learning formats to accommodate their different preferences, choices, and availability. These diverse learning modes help improve learning, optimize retention, and enhance results.

Interactive workshops

Action learning activities

Practical exercises

Discussion forums

Core Beneficiaries of the

Territory Management Program

The Territory Management training program is best suited for corporate professionals such as territory managers, sales representatives, account managers, and sales managers, who are eager to increase their sales through better organization and increased productivity.


The key benefits of the Territory Management Program are enormous, and some of these are listed as follows:

1. Optimized territory coverage leads to better sales results.
2. Strategic planning helps in capturing a larger market share.
3. Better management of territories results in stronger customer connections.
4. Performance monitoring provides insights for informed decision-making.
5. Clear strategies and goals improve overall team performance.

The Territory Management Program is known to offer various advantages to organizations in a corporate environment. Some of these are listed below:

1. Optimizes Resource Allocation: The program ensures efficient use of sales resources.
2. Improves Market Coverage: It helps identify and cover high-potential areas.
3. Enhances Competitive Edge: Strategic territory management offers a competitive advantage.
4. Strengthens Customer Relationships: The program focuses on building lasting relationships with customers.
5. Drives Revenue Growth: Effective territory management leads to increased sales and revenue.

The Territory Management Program has a substantial impact on the employees of an organization. The diverse effects of this program are discussed as follows:

1. Offers structured approaches for territory management.
2. Improves strategic planning and execution capabilities.
3. Clear goals and strategies boost morale and motivation.
4. Promotes teamwork and coordinated efforts.
5. Empower employees with the knowledge to manage their territories effectively.

The program helps organizations in achieving their desired business goals by focusing on various factors as listed below:

1. Aligning Sales Strategies: The program ensures sales strategies are aligned with business objectives.
2. Maximizing Sales Potential: Identifies and targets high-potential areas effectively.
3. Improving Sales Performance: Provides tools and techniques to enhance sales execution.
4. Supporting Strategic Growth: It helps facilitate strategic planning for long-term growth.
5. Enhancing ROI: The program optimizes resource allocation for better return on investment.