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Are you aware of the buzzword “Negotiation” and how it rings alarm bells in your ears? If some pictures speak a thousand words, this word paints a thousand pictures. It may conjure up images of a recent high-profile celebrity divorce case, world leaders gathered around a conference table at a crisis summit, or, perhaps, Don Corleone meeting with the other heads of the Five Families.

But whatever your idea of negotiation, the odds are you’ve already negotiated on some level this week and not even noticed a reduction on a restaurant bill after you received particularly bad service, or you may have negotiated a business deal and got that big bonus you’ve been chasing.     

Program Approach of Negotiating Skills Program

The training course consists of a continuous sequence of practical exercises, integrative discussions, and interactions. Tools and strategies are applied in the activities, and participants are provided with a handbook to solidify their learning.      

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Topics Covered Under the Program

  1. The difference between selling and negotiating
  2. Knowing the other side
  3. Preparation for negotiations
  4. Negotiation techniques
  5. Active listening
  6. Concessions in negotiation

Key Takeaways of the Writing and Winning Proposals Program

Participants will leave the Negotiating Skills training program being able to:

Negotiate with confidence

Understand and recognize the person in front of you as a negotiator

Make conscious use of non-verbal communication

Achieve win-win situations by being creative and resourceful

Learning Formats ​

The Negotiating Skills Program offers an effective program to participants by providing various interactive sessions, discussions, and other activities to ensure maximum retention and learning.

In-person Workshop- Duration (2 Days)

Modes of Key Negotiating Skills Program

The various learning modes of the Negotiating Skills Program are as follows:

Impactful workshops

Practical exercises

Integrative discussions

In-person training sessions

Core Beneficiaries of the

Negotiating Skills Program

The Negotiating Skills Program is highly beneficial for a diverse group of corporate professionals such as,


The program offers several benefits that contribute to both personal and professional growth.
Let us take a quick look at these benefits that are mainly:

1. Learn effective techniques to negotiate successfully.
2. Develop better interpersonal and communication skills.
3. Gain strategies to resolve conflicts and reach mutually beneficial agreements.
4. Boost confidence in handling complex negotiations.
5. Improve professional capabilities and career prospects.

The Negotiating Skills Program is crucial for employees in the corporate sector as it helps in accomplishing desired organizational goals by focusing on various factors such as:

1. It provides employees with the skills to negotiate better deals.
2. Helps maintain and improve business relationships.
3. Offers more cost-effective agreements and contracts.
4. Supports strategic decision-making and planning.
5. Contributes to overall organizational growth and success.

The program positively impacts the organization by playing a strong role in the overall organizational efficiency and success. Some of the various effects of the Negotiating Skills Program are as follows:

1. Enhanced Deal-Making: The program leads to more favorable agreements and contracts.
2. Increased Productivity: Employees negotiate more effectively, saving time and resources.