Key account selling

Key Account Sales Process – Each account corresponds to a client

Have you ever imagined what’s the difference between account management and sales?

The difference is primarily determined by the type of customer. Usually the term account is used for a group of customers, national or international organizations wherein offices implement decisions that are elected centrally.

There are many people involved in this process – buyers, users, production managers, members of the Board of Directors, and various other internal and external influencers. It isn’t an easy task to provide buying support to such a huge team. Thus, the only chance of success is to use a highly systematic and streamlined approach backed by commitment and dedication. The Account Management training course gives you fresh perspective, helps you expand your skills and abilities, and gives you a head start over your competitors.


Account managers and industrial salespersons who look into maintaining and acquiring national or international customers or group of customers can highly benefit from this particular training.



This is a highly targeted and interactive training module. It consists of continuous sequences of information, discussions, and practical exercises. Participants will get HD video recording at the end of the session for future reference.


The training happens in two stages during the span of two days. During the intervening period participants prepare for a 5X4 account management plan for any existing account.

Training Objectives

After this intense training, participants would be able to: