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What is Resilience?

Everyone’s life has circumstances that cause him/her to be ‘up’ or ‘down’. Often these circumstances are out of our control, or are not anticipated and take us by surprise, leading us to experience stress. So when adverse circumstances occur we are often ill-equipped to deal with them or we are unprepared to take advantage of opportunities that may arise. Therefore, having a degree of resilience that we can call upon to see us through the peaks and troughs will enable us to sustain work performance and enhance our overall well-being.

The 7 skills sets of Resilience – Purposeful, Self-Reliant, Versatile, Tough-Minded, Connected, Hopeful and Self-Disciplined are interrelated so that strengths in each skill set can enhance the performance in other skill sets. Therefore building higher levels of resilience can be achieved by concentrating on a few core skills that require development.

The focus on resilience also provides tools and techniques to counter stress and fatigue often experienced in times of change.

While the emphasis will be on being resilient at work, the learning will also be helpful in non-work arenas.


Resilience Features

Builds understanding of resilience and how this enables people to cope in adverse situations. 

Practical tools to help apply insights into everyday practice. 

The Resilience Profile is combined with a workshop, or one on one 
coaching session.

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