Selling Virtually

Are your salespeople prepared for the unique challenges of virtual selling?

Before this month, at least 70 percent of sales calls were virtual, according to a study from Inside Sales. With the effects of the current pandemic, that number has skyrocketed.

Knowledge of emails and web conferencing is not sufficient, people often make the mistake of thinking that technology is all you need.

Attention and engagement are hard enough to get in a face-to-face meeting. It is even harder over the web when you are a thumbnail image on a conferencing app.

With limited attention, comes less engagement. Closing complex, high-value deals require you to influence decision-making part of your buyer’s brain. Getting maximum engagement is a minimum requirement to using buyer psychology to influence the closing of deals.

3 Defining skills of virtual selling for

Characteristics Definition Time Duration
readiness to sell in the virtual world requires high degree of process orientation much beyond writing mails
30 minutes
Push VS Pull
virtual selling is about getting people interested instead of constant follow up
90 minutes
Communication Effectiveness
this is about quality of my communication with the client
90 minutes