Persuasive communicator

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The Persuasive Communicator® (PC) is a 16 hour workshop presenting lifelong skills enabling delegates to communicate effectively, become more influential and ultimately becoming successful persuasive communicators!

This robust ViLT (Virtual instructor Led Training) provides delegates with an intuitive, practical system for dealing with all people, especially those “difficult or uncooperative people” whom they have not been able to influence yet.

Based on Persona GLOBAL’s proprietary Social Styles and Trust Building methodologies, The Persuasive Communicator® workshop enables delegates to build sustained, long term win/win business as well as personal relationships.

Learning Goal

At the end of the workshop the participants will be able to demonstrate the ability to

Examine how people communicate & miscommunicate with each other

Develop a systematic method for recognizing the behavior of our customers in terms of their needs

See ourselves as others perceive us…Learn how to build trust, and practice empathy and flexibility

Develop a “Game Plan” to resolve an important real-life communication gap

Ensure continued use of your new skills to bring results, again and again

Module Topic
Intro to Communication Styles
Intro to Persona Trust Model
Elements of Influence
4 Basic motivations and
4 Basics Communication styles
How to Build Trust with Stakeholders
Key elements of interpersonal trust
How to accelerate rapport and trust building
How to project empathy
How to be flexible to match the other persons style during conflict to get to win-win
Elements of Empathy
What is flexibility
How to flex your style
How help yourself and others to leave negative cycles to start collaborating

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