Train the Trainer Certification

As a responsible manager, trainer or a leader, it’s evident that you have to spend a lot of your time amid people helping them achieve their goals and lead them onto the path of growth. A good leader not only banks upon the team’s strengths, but also works upon the areas that need improvement. When you’re put in-charge it becomes your responsibility to see that everyone’s talent is being used to the best possible ability. This in turn will have a positive effect in people’s involvement and the overall relation between you and the team.

The way in which a trainer coaches, trains, and supervises the team determines how the team will perform and it also affects the team relations. Train the Trainer program helps to make you understand that your attitude and outlook has a huge effect on the team. You’ll also learn effective ways to motivate and encourage people and enhance your effectiveness as a trainer/leader.


This training program is ideal for internal trainers/leaders that manage or are about to manage, supervise, and train a team.



There are various aspects of this training program which include an amalgamation of discussions, interactions, and practical exercises. Participants will also receive a video recording of their own performance at the end of the course to help them assess their strengths and weaknesses in a better way.

Training Objectives

Once you complete this intensive training program, you’ll be able to: